Meet Andrada

Since ever, for me, make-up was pure passion and the attraction towards fashion, the world of esthetic beauty. I developed this passion by learning and finding perfection.

I fulfilled successfully the most prestigious make-up academies in Romania. Then, I had the opportunity to collaborate with professional photographers, prestigious designers, advertising agencies, and celebrities.

How I can best describe my work is the way of envisaging the unique features, the beauty of each one of you by hiding the eventual imperfections or creating the adequate look of the a certain character.
Always the make-up must be according to each one features and it must suit the event where that person goes, basically is like an the accessory that fulfills that perfect look. Even the so called ,,natural look” is realized with art and all  it does is to increase the self-confidence of the person that wears it and this will be reflected in her behavior.